Notin’s manufacturing activities are built on a long-standing tradition.


The vehicles developed by our design and engineering office and our partners are the culmination of advanced technical designs that are formulated to offer maximum safety and flawless quality. No detail is overlooked, from the 3D designs through to the tests that ensure that our products are waterproof, safe and sturdy.

We build our Excel and Notinliner motorhomes the way we would build a house. All notions of mass production are left aside: the bodywork is assembled at the start of the process, which integrates it with the chassis and means that all the interior components can be dismantled and accessed – helpful if you want to perform maintenance work or make alterations at a later date! And the furnishings are inset with the wall panelling for safety and comfort (noise insulation).

All our models are CE-approved.


All our vehicles are treated to our NCIS NOTIN INALTERABLE COMPOSITE SYSTEM, which combines our long-established expertise in vehicle construction with modern materials to bring you bodywork that is entirely wood-free.

Styrofoam provides flawless insulation for the polyester interior- and exterior-faced sandwich panels (on the Progress, I.Progress and Notinliner models). The outer side walls of the Excel models are coated with Alufiber glass-fibre and aluminium composite, which adds unbeatable effect.

The 92-mm insulated double flooring on Excel models offers supreme comfort and is suitable for routing the ALDE central heating under the floor*

* as standard or optional – see data sheet

Notin’s carpenter-cabinetmakers create furnishings of outstanding quality, while the varnishing imparts a warm and contemporary look to our motorhomes.


We use the highest quality fitments and fittings available on the market, for customers who expect the best.

We always go for top-of-the-range fitments and fittings both for the chassis and the habitation.

Our vehicles come with a number of innovative fitments and fittings, including our own patented electric windows and blinds and a system to control the amount of light through the Nuance skylight, among others.

We continually break new ground with our fitments and fittings – examples include our patented electric window and blind system in the Excel and Notinliner models*, and our electric or manual Easybed system, which is available on a number of models*.

* standard or optional depending on model – see data sheet


Notin motorhomes are manufactured according to a fully environmentally friendly process; the engine systems we fit, such as the Mercedes Sprinter Euro 6, come with increasingly enhanced green credentials and low-energy accessories (solar panels as standard or optional depending on model).


At NOTIN, we like to keep our motorhomes at the forefront of innovation, which is why the Notinliner offers home-automation systems (e.g. Android lights app, central-locking blind system, etc), the Excel and Notinliner integrated ranges are built to innovative designs, our integrated models (I.Progress, Excel and Notinliner ranges) have innovative integrated drop-down beds that store horizontally for unbroken cab headroom.