NOTIN Liner range: turning the dream into reality.

NOTINLINER is the flagship of the NOTIN Company.

It has his own personality and is unlike any other.

A jewel of French manufacturing, it brings together all the know-how of a manufacturer nearly 100 years old.
Entering this exceptional vehicle is just magical.

Close your eyes and let yourself be guided…

You have already begun to travel aboard this Palace, a symbol, which brings you into a new world!

Alliance of the best design and technological avant-garde: a model resulting from the search for excellence
The construction of this “road yacht” is carried out with unfailing energy and enthusiasm, perpetuating the brand’s founding values for nearly 100 years.
A stroll, a long journey, all the pleasures, all the horizons… the dream becomes plural

flagship NOTINLiner exterior

flagship NOTINLiner Interior