Club TIVAOU is a non-profit association of NOTIN motorhome users set up in 1988 and run by Notin sales director Gisèle Bruand.

We are an independently spirited group that arranges our relaxed and tranquil leisure time and sets off on our travels as and when the feeling takes us.

Our love for our motorhomes is driven by our passion for discovery, the freedom to eat and sleep where we stop, and a thousand other reasons combined.

“Ecology is part of us, we who are naturally in love with nature that we respect and protect”

Benefits of Club Tivaou:

  • Organised journeys of discovery in France and worldwide, with the freedom a motorhome brings
  • The Tivaou newsletter with all the latest Club news as well as tips and news from the world of motorhoming
  • Meet and discuss with other motorhome users

For information, call +33 (0)4 77 27 08 08

Visit the new Club Tivaou website at

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