Technical guide

Overall length 7.48m
Overall body width 2.30m
Overall height 2.90m
Dinette seating 4
Berths 4
Standard base 2.3L 150CV
Fiscal power 8 CV
MAM heavy chassis in kg/GTWR in kg with NOTIN approved trailer coupling***  4400/6194
Authorised seating capacity (vehicle registration document) 4
Kerb weight in kg* 3420
Fresh water capacity above 0°C 120L/30L**
Waste water capacity above 0°C 110L
Approved diesel capacity 60L

*Weight including 75 kg driver, approved full fuel and water loads, 1 gas bottle (+/-5%); all optional items to be deducted from the remaining payload
** Approved water capacity on the road
*** Deduct 1 from the authorised seating capacity if trailer coupling